Monday, December 5, 2011

Eve Online - Notes For Anyone Considering The 14 Day Trial

Eve-Online remains a staple go-to game to serve my PVP fix.  Not only is it the only game on the market that I feel can really make you sit back in your chair and say "Oh, shit." when you die - but its diehard player base is second to none in dedication and fortitude.  However it's not only a game for those with the dedication and willingness to understand a complex PVP system and thrive in it - New Eden is a home to thousands of players undertaking all types of peaceful, economic and social adventures every day.

In an effort to recruit you into their ranks I've prepared a few notes in the hopes that I can provide you with a realistic view of Eve Online, and perhaps sway you into joining us in New Eden.

-Your hand will be held for the first ~4 hours of game play, via one of the best new-player experiences and tutorials in the business.  You will be introduced to the basic controls of the station, and your ship, in a meaningful and fun manner that provides a very detailed look at a the game.

-The world of New Eden is filled with gorgeous backdrops, detailed spaceships, stations, asteroids, planets, and much more.

-As beautiful as the world is, it will seem overwhelming at first.  It might be the only MMO on the market that you can really call 'massive' in the truest sense of the word.  The game itself consists of nearly 8,000 systems.  Seeing every single one of them has only been accomplished by a few pilots.  And while time consuming - with a proper understanding of game mechanics, and a little bit of luck, one day you could be the next one.

-Take the time to explore your options.  I highly suggest you spend your two free weeks running missions, mining, perhaps crafting and exploring Eve's economy and visuals.  There is a lot to see, and nearly as much to do.  I strongly advice against attempting to PVP right off the bat - save this for your second week once you have a little more time to get used to the controls.  Once you are ready for PVP, the best place to sign up is faction warfare.

-Browse the market and skill books and see how you can better yourself in your field - and don't forget to ask your fellow pilots questions, most will be more than willing to help out!

-Try to browse all the cruiser-class ships in the game, and pick one or two you like.  From there, look at their bonuses and plan your skill training accordingly.  All cruisers have frigate-hull counterparts that use similar skills.  With a little bit of browsing, it's easy to plan your skill training out.  As always, don't hesitate to ask your fellow pilots!  And remember that you are never restricted by race in Eve, you can learn anything you want.

-Find people to play the game with.  Eve can be entertaining, but very overwhelming.  Making friends quickly will exponentially increase your fun in New Eden.  Not only provide you insight, but many can provide you with support and assistance should you need it.  

-Do not attempt to PVP unless you do so with the full expectation that you can and almost certainly will lose your ship and possibly your pod.  Do not let this discourage you.  As a new pilot, you are the safest person in the galaxy.  You have nothing of value and it's unlikely you'll be randomly targeted by a griefer looking to ruin someone's day.  If you wish to avoid PVP as much as possible, stay in systems with a security rating of .5 or higher.  PVP is discouraged in these systems by an NPC response force called CONCORD.  It's worth noting that while CONCORD will easily kill your attacker, it is not guaranteed that your attacked will die before you do.

-I can't stress this enough; there is no place in Eve, aside from being docked in a station, that is 100% safe for your ship.  The moment you undock, you are in danger.

-And finally, you can expect a friendly crowd.  But beware, New Eden is a very unforgiving place.  There is nothing that is 'illegal' in Eve, with the exception of verbal harassment.  You can be shot at any time, by any one, for any reason (or no reason at all) and be killed.  Your ship will be forever destroyed, and anything left will likely be taken.  You can be scammed out of everything you own, and you will not get it back.  If you misclick on something in the marketplace, and purchase an item for 1,000 Interstellar Kredits (ISK), instead of 1 ISK, you're left in the wake of your own decisions.  But beware as your assets increase, so does your risk.  You should get into the habit of always double checking what you're doing before you do it.


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