Friday, November 16, 2012

Halo 4 - Multiplayer Tactical Package Loadout Guide

By popular demand, I'm going to keep this short and sweet.  Feel free to drop your own commentary at the end - I'm curious what the common Tactical Package (TP) setups are these days, and how people are using them to the fullest.

If you're looking for guides on the other loadout slots, you can click below for the respective guide:
Primary/Secondary Weapons + Grenades
Armor Abilities
Support Upgrades

Mobility - Infinite sprinting.  Fantastic for mobility on large maps, catching up with the runaway flag, or getting to a hiding spot.  Mobility is king if you utilize it correctly.

Shielding - Your shields will recharge twice as fast.
*NOTE that this has NO effect on the delay that occurs between when you stop taking damage, and start recovering shields.  This changes how quickly your shields return to full once they start recharging

*ANOTHER NOTE - There is difference with or without this TP when you are inside a Regen Field (granted from an armor ability).

Resupply - Makes 2 grenades drop from any fallen enemies.  Not just the enemies you kill, but all the enemies on the map (hence more than one person having this on a team is completely pointless).  Anyone can pick up the grenades, the type is determined in the following hierarchy:

1: What type of grenades did the enemy have when it was killed?
(If it had no grenades, it defaults to:)
2: What type of grenades was this creature given when it was spawned?
(The default grenade for the loadout that spartan was using is dropped)

It always drops the same 2 types of grenades, even if in the case of #1 the enemy only had one grenade on them when it was killed.

AA Efficiency - I actually covered this TP in its entirety in a previous post.  You can read about it in depth by clicking here.  Without details - this TP will cut the time it takes for your ability to fully regenerate in half.  Some abilities do react differently though, namely Regen Field and Hologram, it's worth reading up on how/why.

Grenadier - Increases grenade carrying capacity (with all grenades) to 3.  You'll spawn in with 3 grenades of your chosen type, instead of two, as well.

Firepower - Lets you use two primary weapons instead of a Primary/Secondary.  You can read all about the Primary/Secondary weapons in my guide covering them, as well as grenades, by clicking here.


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