Tuesday, April 10, 2012

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: A game character I feel I am most like (or wish I was most like) - Reeve Tuesti, Final Fantasy VII

For those interested in some official back story on Reeve, I've posted an excerpt from Wikipedia at the bottom of this article.

Aside from his employment by Shinra and his use of Cait Sith to aid Cloud and friends throughout Final Fantasy VII, I chose Reeve for a very specific reason:  Reeve is a man that is willing to risk it all to, despite his employer's agenda, to ensure the right thing is done - at any expense, even his own safety.

Reeve goes out on a serious limb to help the party in FFVII (he's arrested during the course of the game, if the screen shot above doesn't stir up that specific memory.)   by sacrificing the first Cait Sith in order to get the Black Materia.  Then, on top of all that, he continues spying on Shinra from within, giving AVALANCHE valuable insight and information on their enemy - all while staying faithful and even providing one of the cooler limit breaks in the game.

Bottom line, Reeve is someone who realizes he's a normal guy put in an extraordinary situation, and makes the most of it.

The paragraph below was nothing short of mind blowing when I first read it.  Reeve is involved in so much of the story for the FFVII setting that it's not even funny.  Enjoy!

Reeve is the former head of Shinra's Urban Development Department and controller of the robotic cat Cait Sith. In Final Fantasy VII, Reeve originally worked against AVALANCHE until later deciding to help them in their quest against Sephiroth. Due to his job, Reeve is responsible for both the building and ruin of Midgar, hence his concerns about damages and rebuilding costs after Shinra collapsed the Sector 7 plate. He has the job of overseeing the construction of upper Midgar and recognizing the greater architectural vision of the Shinra regime. Reeve is one of the few Shinra officials with genuine concern for the common people; he recognizes AVALANCHE's goal to save the Planet, and begins spying on Shinra officials, using Cait Sith as a means of communication. Reeve is temporarily arrested after Rufus' apparent death, but is released in time to organize an evacuation of Midgar's population before the arrival of Meteor. Reeve is not seen in Advent Children, but is heard leaving a message on Cloud's cell phone offering help. He plays a significant role within Dirge of Cerberus, having established the World Regenesis Organization, dedicated to restoring the Planet and defeating Deepground. In the novella "Case of Denzel", wherein Denzel tries to persuade Reeve to let him join the WRO, Reeve interviews Denzel and listens to his story, before finally informing him that children are not allowed to join the WRO and thanking him for watching over his mother, Ruvie Tuesti. Reeve serves a minor role in Before Crisis as the architect responsible for designing mako reactors and aiding the Turks with the use of Cait Sith.


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